garden TRELLIS panel GUIDE

Our Bespoke Garden Trellis Range and Painted Trellis Range

What size panels do the panels come in?

The sizes of the garden trellis are bespoke, we make the trellis to the sizes you give us. You supply us with the length of run you require, the height and style and we can provide a free of charge quotation.

What is the best aperture for the garden trellis?

The space between the timber is down to taste unless you are going to grow things up it. A six inch aperture is quite wide but does not make it feel so enclosed,however for growing certain plants it might to to wide as there would be gaps between the leaves. Four inch diameter is standard and looks very neat and good for almost any plant to grow up. Two and three inch aperture is quite tight but is best for when trying to screen off areas such as wheelie bins. These smaller gaps look wonderful when you paint the trellis as it gives it a really beautiful and neat look.

What are the advantages between diamond or square garden trellis?

There is no real advantage between the wooden garden trellis as a diamond or square, its really down to personal preference. The diamond garden trellis is much stronger when moved laterally but this can make a difference it the trellis is between two rigid posts.

What posts would I need for the wooden trellis panels?

We can supply either wooden H-Posts which are the same profile as a concrete post, they have a groove running down them which the trellis panel can fit into. This allows a wooden gravel board to be fitted if necessary. The most common post would be a planed all round 3" post, these look neat and when painted have a really good finish.

Do you paint the trellis and what colours can I choose?

We do offer a spray painted service. As far as colour goes we can match any colour, you can either send us the BS number or you can tell us which collection it belongs to and we can colour match it.

Are the wooden garden trellis panels treated?

All of our Scandinavian Redwood is pressure treated and we put a 10 year guarantee on it, if you are choosing to go with a semi hardwood like Cedar or a full hardwood like Iroko then these are very durable timber but will need maintenance still as they will need oiling to keep the colour. Failure to do so will result them going grey very soon, unless painted or stained.

Do you offer a fitting service?

We offer delivery nationwide and a installation service nationwide on request depending on the nature of the project.